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You Can Also Do The Magic Counts That Are Often Done By Mentalists On Television

Some people may dislike and even completely avoid math. Without us realizing it, mathematics can be applied to many things in life. If you’ve ever watched magic shows that were crowded on TV, you know about this magic. Where a ‘mentalist’ will tell the audience, even people at home, to think about a number that he will guess later. This trick is also commonly performed by magician gold coast. It turns out that you can also do this trick, try this simple trick.

1. Instruct your audience to think of a number between 1 and 10, but other than 1 and 10.

2. Tell them to multiply the number that has been selected by the number 2. So for example the number 9 times 2 equals 18. Oh yes, don’t forget to act as if you have to concentrate very hard to choose this step for example: “Now add … no-no, multiply that number by two!”.

3. Tell your audience to add 5 to the previous product. 18 + 5 = 23! This is an important number. After that ask your audience to multiply it by the number 50. 23 x 50 = 1150, to make it look magical because you seem to pick a random number.

4. Add the magic element by asking your audience to add 1763 or 1764 to the last product. How to determine it? If it’s your friend’s birthday this year, ask him to add 1764 to the count. If he doesn’t have a birthday this year, add 1763. For example, your friend’s birthday was last month, so the number is 1150 + 1764 = 2914.

5. Subtract the last number from the audience’s year of birth. For example, if your friend was born in 1988, ask him to subtract the number from 1988. 2914 – 1988 = 926.

6. Ask what the final result is. With this number, you can know the number of your friend’s first choice and his age! The leading number is the first number chosen between 1 and 10, while the last two digits are your friend’s current age! 926 means he is 26 years old and chose the number 9.

Pretend to think hard as if you are trying to read his mind and calculate the results. Then cross-check with the audience about your answer and see how he or she reacts when they hear it.


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