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Understanding No-Fines Concrete

It is important in knowing the type of no-fines concrete from the concrete supplies. Starting from its advantages compared to other types of concrete and also its benefits in construction. Non-sand concrete or better known as no-fines concrete is a simple material from lightweight concrete. The process of making this type of concrete is carried out without the use of fine aggregate or sand. The absence of these aggregates in the mixture of materials produces a porous type of concrete so that the weight of the concrete is reduced. No-fines concrete is also known as per concrete or pervious concrete. The meaning of the term is concrete made from a mixture of cement, coarse aggregate, admixture, and water.

In general, concrete has a low specific gravity when compared to normal concrete. The specific gravity of this concrete can be influenced by the specific gravity of the combination of aggregates that make it up. The specific gravity of the concrete using bekah clay aggregate reaches the range of 1.20. While the specific gravity of non-sand concrete using pumice aggregate is around 1.60. The compressive strength of this concrete can be influenced by several factors such as water-cement factors, type of material, and the ratio of aggregate volume.

There are several advantages of using no-fines type concrete in the construction world. Some of the advantages or advantages of this type of concrete include the following. This type of concrete is lightweight concrete with a density level of 25 to 30 percent. This makes no-fines concrete has a lighter weight than normal concrete. Because it does not have sand in its composition, it has less drying shrinkage than normal types of concrete. This concrete has better thermal insulation characteristics than normal concrete. This is useful in the construction process of the outer wall.

Because it does not have sand, the surface area required for cement coating is reduced, this affects the required cement requirement to be reduced per cubic meter compared to normal concrete. It is more economical. The lightweight nature of this type of concrete does not affect the quality due to the separation of coarse aggregate, so it does not have fine aggregate. Concrete can be compacted without the need for any type of vibrator and is easily bent using rods.


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