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This Is How To Maintain Your Gardening Tools

After use, garden tools are usually full of mud, soil, and sweat that sticks to the handles. Soil and other dirt that is still attached can make garden tools made of metal susceptible to rust. To remove any dirt or mud residue on a knife or metal surface, you can rub it with sand and then lightly coat it with oil. This thin oil layer can prevent rust on the metal surface. After cleaning, garden tools must be stored in a special place that is dry and not damp. Do not store gardening tools such as hoes, axes, sickles, etc. directly touching the floor because the floor can create a humid atmosphere which will cause rusting of the surface of the tools. We recommend that you provide a special container or basket to store these tools. If not, you can stick nails in the wall, then hang the gardening tools on the wall so they don’t touch the ground/floor. It’s even more important to prevent your lawn rake from being rusted due to it’s usually expensive. If you wonder why it’s not cheap, you must read an article on why are lawn leveling rakes so expensive?

For garden tools that are already rusty, clean and remove rust from the surface by sanding it or rubbing it with a wire brush or sandpaper. After the rust has peeled off, wipe the metal surface, then lightly grease it with oil to protect the surface from rusting in the future. You can also use wax instead of oil. There are various types of wax available in the market, but the most common is Butcher’s wax. You can also use natural ingredients to clean the rust that sticks to the surface of the knife. Take a tablespoon of lemon juice and mix it with enough salt to form a paste of sufficient consistency. Apply the paste on the rusty garden tools evenly until the surface is completely coated. You must remember to always wear eye protection goggles when removing rust from metal surfaces.


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