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Plumbing Installation System

Plumbing is the art and technology of piping and equipment to provide clean water, both in terms of quality and continuity of eligibility and disposal of used or dirty water from certain places without contaminating other important parts to achieve the desired hygienic and comfort conditions. Plumbing has a function and purpose, “Creating a building that fills good health and sanitation with a piping system that can drain clean water to the place where it goes and dispose of sewage into the dump without contaminating other important parts by not forgetting comfort and beauty.” Things to know in advance in the installation of clean water is Plumbing plan and Isometric Diagram where it can be seen that the pipeline installation lines are laid. Pipe installation is done after masonry and before plastering work and function to avoid wall cracking. (For in-building installation). In terms of plumbing, you can count on workers from www.canterburypipesmartplumbers.co.uk to get good quality work outcomes.

For installation outside the building such as rain, the water pipe is done after the stucco work is completed. Pipe passing plate no or concrete beam or column must be installed spring or piping first before casting. Ipa that the position/location is correct immediately closed with a plug/dop that is not easily separated (avoid dirt/mortar coming in so blockage occurs). Avoid pipe bends/knicks with burning pipe. The position of the pipe in the bathroom must be adjusted with sanitary ware. The plan of clean water installation is placed at ceramic / ceramic groove intersection, symmetrical with a ceramic area.

Things to know in doing the installation of the dirty water pipe is the installation plan and isometric diagram of sewage pipes and disposal lines. Avoid / not too many branches. For used water (bathing/washing) should be made Manhole for cleaning control (tub) at certain places. Sparing must exceed the concrete floor plan & concrete thickness. (Above plate = 25 cm, below plate = 15 cm), upper part to be bent or covered/heated by way of heated. The sparing position must match the sanitary type (if sanitary has been determined).


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