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It’s About Video Mapping And Its Interconnection Trick

This time, we will tell you more about video mapping, and we will even share with you some interconnection tricks in video mapping. Where you can also be creative and try it. Video projection mapping a few years ago is a new art form, with several important examples. Now, no building opening, product launch, award ceremony, or birthday party that deserves its salt will be seen without the projections turning heads. It’s not easy to try to learn to make video mapping, but all of that can be honed by continuing to try new things with new techniques that we always get. In the meantime, you can also call the 3D Projection Mapping Dubai if you wish to hire professionals to produce the best video mapping shows for your events.

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Video projection mapping can turn objects into screens. Forget flat projection, as projection mapping can grab real-world objects, such as buildings, and projects onto their walls without distortion. It combines video, motion graphics, and 3D images to produce optical or visual illusions on a building’s geometry.

Inspirational examples of 3D art

Often site-specific, the best works enhance rather than detract from the projected architecture. The sheer scale can be awe-inspiring and the illusion of every day, static objects around us animating and playing back joyfully can be very exciting. Just look at the expressions on the audience’s faces during projection and you see an almost childlike indulgence.

We’ve selected our favorite projection mapping examples that you should see, from the stunning rose O2 to the micro-projections on flower petals, to the incredible display from the full height of the Sagrada Familia.

Learn to Make Video Mapping with Interconnection Tricks

Winner of the Jury’s Choice and People’s Choice awards at the 2016 iMapp Bucharest competition, Interconnection transforms the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest into a psychotropic exploration of the connectedness of all things, human beings. Created by Limelight 3D Projection-Mapping, it acquires some inspirations from contemporary arts and architectures, sacred geometry, physics and chemistry, and combines it all into a truly mind-changing five-minute journey.

Well, after reading this article, don’t wait any more time, please try to be creative.


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