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Turquoise Color Home Interior Design, Very Fresh!

Are you confused about redesigning the interior of your home? It’s not that difficult! To create a different room atmosphere, it can be as simple as playing with other colors for the room. For example, if previously the room in your residence was mostly dominated by beige, try switching to a fresher turquoise color. Hesitating to wear turquoise in the bedroom for fear of looking too much? Do not be afraid! You can bring turquoise color only to room decorations and equipment, such as carpets that are routinely cleaned using Carpet Cleaners North Shore, curtains, bed linen, and even paintings. With this trick, you can add turquoise color to any interior design concept, from minimalism, modern, futuristic, to Japanese. Guaranteed, your room will look charming and fresh!

Most people avoid turquoise because it has a bold impression. This color can look soft too for Japandi’s house, you know! Indeed, this color should not be applied to the entire wall, but only on one side or part of the wall, like the inspiration above. Then, match it with white on the wall next to it. Don’t forget to apply a combination of other light colors, such as light blue and beige on the dining table chair set. Turquoise color is very powerful to create a cheerful home interior design. You can coat one side of the wall of the house with this color in full. To be more lively, add a variety of furniture with bright and cheerful colors, such as red, yellow, or the color turquoise itself with fewer compositions. Meanwhile, for the other side of the wall, you can apply white paint as a neutralizer. Instead of looking tacky, the interior design of the living room with this color looks aesthetic and unique.

Turquoise color for work and study? This is a great idea, you know! You can create a workspace interior design where one side of the wall is full of turquoise. Meanwhile, another wall is white.
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