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This Is How To Chose The Right Rug Color According To The Room’s Function

Are you confused about choosing the right rug color for a particular room? Yep, choosing a rug color for that room is full of consideration. Come on, read tips on choosing the right rug color so that the room is even more eye-catching! Additionally, if you have some rugs that have become very dirty, we recommend Carpet Cleaners Northshore you call the rug cleaning north shore.

Adjust to the design of the room

The first thing to consider when choosing a rug color for a room is to look at the room design first. As much as possible, here, match the existing room design. Rugs with attractive colors but not many motifs are the best choice for a minimalist room. You have to be smart in combining the rug with the room design. If your room design is shabby chic, don’t suddenly have Scandinavian motifs on the rugs!

Pay attention to the amount of furniture

Apart from seeing the room design, you also have to pay attention to the amount of furniture in the room. This is done so that the room looks balanced, doesn’t look too empty or full. If you have a lot of furniture in the room, you can choose just one color rug with a simple motif. Conversely, if your room is spacious, choose a rug with a combination of several colors.

Adjust to the function of the room

The choice of rug color must also be adjusted to the use of the room. This step is done so that the room functions optimally. For the bedroom, try to choose soft colored rugs so that they can provide comfort while resting. Avoid choosing rugs with colors that are too bold or bright. Want to maximize the function of the living room? Yep, you can choose a rug color that is tailored to the living room design. For example, if your sofa is very simple, then choose a bright colored rug with an attractive motif.

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