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These 3 Tips Are Useful For Landscaping Your Yard

Get started with styling your front yard with a few simple tips and techniques from us. You can either remodel the entire front yard appearance in one renovation or make it continuous work overtime. A landscaped garden planning will result in a landscaped garden that lasts for decades. Besides that, if you don’t have the time to landscape your yard on your own, we suggest you call the best residential landscaping contractor.

You can try these 3 useful tips for landscaping your yard:

1. Choose plants and don’t overdo it

Planting so many types of plants in your front yard will only make it look bushy and require intensive care to keep it looking attractive. Avoid this by limiting the number of species you will grow, flowering plants, shrubs, and trees. Try to aim for no more than five to 10 species of perennials, three to five different shrubs, and one or two types of trees.

While it’s tempting to buy new plants on the market, resist the temptation when you come to a plant shop for front yard landscapes. Fewer species will result in a well-blended landscape, instead of looking like several different small gardens dotting the yard. Plant-like species in groups and repeat throughout the garden.

2. Think bigger

Create a plan that includes all parts of your garden, but not only what’s inside, you also have to consider the conditions of your home and the environment around your house. Proportions are very important, you can plant a flower bed that reaches at least half the width of the house can be very good.

Also, a flower bed that extends from the house to the sidewalk or curb can maintain a good proportion or scale with the house. The edges of the flower beds can be planted with trees and given a gradation with shrubs.

3. Make it flow

Give repetition of plant shapes and textures to give unity to your front garden. Direct visitors to the front door by planting blooming referrals near the sidewalk or highway. Repeat the planting along the driveway, about halfway between and the house, and then again near the house.


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