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The Importance Of Baby Monitor Features

A baby monitor can help parents keep an eye on their babies while still doing other activities. However, you need to consider the features a baby monitor has. For twins, it is better to choose vava baby monitor split screen. Apart from recording baby videos, the products also have other detection functions. These various functions can let you know if something happens to your little one. A camera with a microphone will pick up on the baby’s voice in the room and alert you. This function lets you know if the baby suddenly cries or something else happens. We recommend this function so that you can immediately know the condition of your little one through voice.

Baby monitors equipped with motion sensors can notify the mother if the little one is out of reach of the camera. With this function, you can know the baby’s movement and prevent unwanted things. Some products are equipped with an automatic tracking function that can adjust the camera lens to follow the baby’s movements. You can monitor your little one easily without having to constantly adjust the camera. With the temperature detection sensor, you can detect fever in your little one quickly. However, some can tell you if the temperature exceeds the normal range. For security reasons, choose this type. The camera only responds to the temperature around the camera and not the room temperature. The temperature detected by the camera is not always accurate. Therefore, use the temperature information provided as a guide only.

It is very important to pay attention to the angle of view of the camera so that you know the area that can be captured by the camera. The wider the angle, the larger the area that can be captured. Choose a product with an angle that matches the intended placement location. Also, pay attention to the quality of the images that can be produced. You can check it by finding out the number of pixels and the size of the monitor. If possible, try and look at the recordings of various products before making a choice. Don’t just rely on the specs written on the packaging.


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