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Is It True That Car Tyres Expire?

There is an assumption circulating among car owners that tyres can expire. This assumption is erroneous information. Every car tyre does have a production code that indicates the time of manufacture. The code generally consists of a four-digit number printed on the tyre wall. For example, the code shows a string of numbers “0907” which means the tyre was made in the 9th week of 2007. The production code has nothing to do with the expiration of car tyres. The code also does not mean the car tyres can expire. The existence of the code is more intended for internal company data collection. Meanwhile, before we proceed, you can bring your damaged car tyres to mobile tyre fitting essex if you live near that area.

The time code of manufacture can also be used as a determinant of the warranty period by the manufacturer who enforces it. That way, it is clear that there is no need to change car tyres if they have reached a certain age. As long as the condition is still good then it can continue to be used.

Well, the most appropriate way to assess the condition of car tyres can be seen from the Tread Wear Indicator (TWI). This feature is in the form of a rubber bulge that is in the gap between the tyre patterns. With use, the surface of the car tyre pattern will erode and become thinner. There are times when TWI is also “eaten” by the asphalt. Based on information from the official Volvo website, the TWI safety point should not be less than 1.8 mm. Because in these conditions, the tyres are no longer able to provide maximum grip on the road surface.

Another visual observation, by looking at the condition of the tyre rubber, is whether it is brittle or cracked. This can also be used as a reference for vehicle owners to replace old tyres with new ones.

Back again to the production code of tyre manufacture, consumers can use it when buying new tyres. There’s nothing wrong with looking for tyres with a younger age than the existing stock.


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