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How to Purify Green Pool Water?

Green pond water is often a problem for Koi lovers, especially for beginners. Green pool water does not only occur in newly created ponds, it can also occur in old ponds with clear water. One of the main factors that make pool water turn green is due to phytoplankton. These changes usually start to appear when the temperature of the air is exposed to sunlight, especially during the rainy and dry seasons. This is due to the rapid development of phytoplankton during these conditions. To see how to purify green pool water, let’s first identify what causes it. Phytoplankton is the cause of discoloration in fish ponds. These microorganisms are very small in size belongs to the algae family which is more commonly called green algae. The types of green species that are the main cause of green pond water are microcystins and Anabaena. Excess amount of algae in the air that seems to appear green.

Water temperature is one of the most influential factors in the growth of phytoplankton. At 25 ° C Phytoplankton can grow faster than at lower temperatures. This condition makes the air green, even the green color will look thicker when the air temperature starts to increase, such as in the dry season. The sunlight that shines on the pool is also used by Phytoplankton for photosynthesis. When photosynthesizing, Phytoplankton will absorb sunlight, oxygen, and nutrients contained in the air. So it can be concluded that ponds that are located outside the room and exposed to light have a higher risk of experiencing green water problems. The pool, which previously had clear water, does not mean it is free from green air problems. Many cases that occur in ponds that originally had clear water suddenly turned green quickly. One of the causes is the increase in temperature in the pool due to sunlight.

As was true before, the temperature level in the pond is a major factor in the proliferation of phytoplankton. During the rainy season, the air temperature is low enough so that phytoplankton cannot grow properly. However, the temperature of the pool water in the dry season tends to be higher, this condition of course accelerates the growth of phytoplankton and makes the pool water green quickly.


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