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Get Profit From A Condominium

Apart from landed houses and flats, another choice of housing for residents who live in big cities is a condominium. The price is getting more affordable, the facilities are like a top-quality hotel. Currently, vertical housing is built close to public transportation facilities, such as buses, trains, and MRT so that they are hunted by the public. Condominiums such as One Bernam that is like houses can be used as a profitable investment. Able to bring a lot of money with minimum work.

How come? The following is the reason. The first reason is more complete facilities. Everyone wants to live in a place that offers complete facilities. You can get it if you have a condominium like One Bernam. Condominiums are generally built by developers with hotel-like amenities. If you buy a landed house, not all facilities are available. There are often none at all. But in a condominium, you are spoiled with complete facilities, such as sports fields, swimming pools, fitness centers, shopping centers, to 24-hour security. The more complete the condominium facilities offered, the more expensive the selling price of the condominium is. So that it becomes an attraction for other people to buy or rent your condominium someday. Especially if there are more developments, such as adding hospital, school, or campus facilities, to access toll roads and public transportation.

The other reason why One Bernam condominium is the right choice is that the price is cheaper than the landed house. Currently, the prices for condominiums in the suburbs are more favorable. If you have $600k you can buy vertical housing with two bedrooms. Meanwhile, if the condominium is strategically located in the middle of the capital city, the selling price can start from $ 1 million. Buying a condominium is even easier by submitting a condominium loan to the bank. So you can pay in installments every month according to your ability. If you want to buy a condominium at a low price, look for those who are currently holding promotions or discounts. Like during property exhibitions, soft launching, and first sales.


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