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Causes Of Broken Car Tires And Their Characteristics

The cause of a broken car tire must be known by every car owner. Cause tire bursts are often the cause of many road accidents. By knowing the cause, then you can prevent the possibility of a tire burst on the road. In addition, how to deal with broken car tires can also be easier to do if you know the cause. If this bad thing happens when you are alone on the road, mobile tyre fitting london can help you to replace a broken tire, with new tires with the best quality.

Below are some of the things that cause car tires to burst suddenly.

Often pass through potholes
One of the causes of broken car tires is too often passing through potholes. This is because the hard impact experienced by the tire will cause the knitted steel wire to break.
Of course, it will be very dangerous if you drive a car at a fast speed. It should also be noted that passing through potholes will not only cause the tires to burst, but also damage the car’s suspension.

Car tire pressure is low
Many car owners think that a car tire burst is due to excessive air pressure. Though the tire burst due to less air pressure. You need to understand that the movement of the tire wall that is too frequent can cause the steel wire to break. Especially when the wind is less.

Choosing the wrong type of tire is also one of the causes of a broken car tire. Therefore, make sure you choose the type of tire that suits the terrain. For a car with small tires, for example, it is certainly not suitable if it is used to drive on roads with many potholes and bumps.

Broken car tires due to lots of patches
Broken car tires can be due to poor tire patching techniques. You need to know that the tire patch technique with a puncture model or what is known as a tubeless string can cause the leak hole to get bigger so that the steel fibers in the tire can be cut off.


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