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Avoid Tooth Decay!

Teeth also become vulnerable to damage, such as peeling or even broken. If you don’t want to experience tooth loss, you can visit the professional dentist fort worth and do the following:

1. Meet the nutritional needs
Enamel can become stronger if you regularly consume proper nutrition. One of the good nutrients for maintaining healthy teeth is calcium. Therefore, start eating foods high in calcium, such as milk and cheese. Also, make sure you choose foods and drinks high in calcium that are low in fat.

2. Pay attention to daily food
To keep enamel healthy, avoid consuming too many snacks, such as chips, candy, and foods made from flour or sugar. This is because these foods are easily stuck between the teeth so they, vulnerable to invite bacteria and eventually erode the enamel layer.

3. Clean teeth with hygiene products containing fluoride
You can get fluoride from toothpaste or mouthwash. This substance can help strengthen enamel if it is used as part of daily dental care. In addition, fluoride can also repair tooth decay at an early stage.

4. Chew gum
Chewing gum can also be another way to prevent tooth loss. This is because gum can help maintain the production of saliva in your mouth. Make sure you choose sugarless gum so it’s not easy to invite the appearance of bacteria in your mouth.

5. Reducing caffeine and alcohol intake
Drinks that contain alcohol and caffeine can make your mouth dry if you consume too much. As a result teeth and gums can become dry and easily damaged.

Nobody wants porous teeth. If you are a person who is at risk of experiencing it, start taking care of your teeth more regularly, so that the teeth can survive in good condition until old age. In addition, do not forget also to regularly check the condition of dental and oral health to the dentist every 6 months.

How to Brush Teeth Properly

You may have often heard the suggestion from the dentist of the importance of brushing your teeth every day. In addition to preventing various dental and oral problems, this habit is also good for overall body health. However, do not just brush your teeth diligently. Also, make sure that you brush your teeth the right way. The wrong brushing technique can actually trigger a variety of dental and tooth problems.

First, choose a toothpaste that contains fluoride. Fluoride is a mineral that functions to protect and strengthen the tooth enamel layer. As for the brush, adjust the toothbrush head with the width of your mouth. The brush head with a small tip makes it easier for you to reach the deepest teeth. Also, make sure the toothbrush you choose has a comfortable handle when held. That way you can brush your teeth properly.

Don’t brush your teeth too hard. Some people may feel brushing hard and taking longer to make the results cleaner. Are you one of them? In fact, how to brush teeth like this is not appropriate and effective. Brushing teeth with a very fast rub and in a long time, it can actually damage teeth permanently. The inside of your mouth is covered in soft tissue. Well, brushing your teeth too hard can make the gum tissue stress heavy and hurt. As a result, your gums can bleed and become inflamed. In addition, the friction that is too tight can also erode the tooth enamel. The depletion of the tooth enamel is the origin of sensitive teeth. You are indeed advised to be diligent in brushing your teeth every day. However, you are not advised to brush your teeth more than three times a day. Experts agree that brushing your teeth twice a day in the morning and evening is enough.

The easiest way to find out if your teeth are clean or not is to touch them with your tongue. Make sure you brush your teeth the right way. Also, make sure that you have brushed all of the surfaces of your teeth.

Can Clove Oil Treat Toothache?

Cloves are dried flower stems from the family Myrtaceae. A clove stem contains an active compound called eugenol which acts as a natural anesthetic. Eugenol works to help turn off nerve signals that trigger pain, thereby reducing pain due to toothache. Eugenol is also an effective anti-inflammatory to deflate swollen gums and relieve irritation in problem areas of teeth. Research published in the Journal of Dentistry even reports that clove oil can replace the role of the drug benzocaine to relieve mild pain. Benzocaine is a local anesthetic that works to inhibit nerve signals in the body. If you are curious about this and you want to ask a dentist’s opinion about clove oil, we recommend you to ask the best dentist.

Not everyone can use clove oil

Despite the potential benefits of overcoming toothache, this one herb cannot be used by everyone.

For those of you who have allergies to cloves or herbal ingredients, do not force yourself to try it. Instead of recovering quickly, the reckless use of clove oil can actually cause a dangerous reaction.

This oil is also not recommended for people who have blood disorders. It’s because eugenol compounds in clove oil can inhibit the process of blood clotting in the body.

People who have a history of chronic illness should consult a doctor first before treating toothache with clove oil. Likewise for children, pregnant women, the elderly, and those who have a weakened immune system due to certain diseases.

How to safely use clove oil

Actually, there are many ways to use clove oil to help deal with toothaches. However, it is safe to mix two drops of clove oil with one teaspoon of olive oil or coconut oil. Then dip a cotton ball and stick it in the affected tooth.

If clove oil is not available, you can also use powdered cloves or whole cloves and hold them in the location of a sore tooth. Afterward, rinse the mouth to rinse the remnants of cloves that may be left in the mouth.

Remember, clove oil only helps to reduce pain. You can only take your toothache completely when you know what causes it. So the best way to cure a toothache once and for all is to go to the dentist.

You Can Try These Ways To Prevent Rotten Teeth On Children

Children are vulnerable to porous teeth and rot if he is able and accustomed to eating sweet things. Decay can make a child’s teeth hurt, cavities, and may even come off prematurely. When it happens, you may want to bring your child to a trusted dentist. How to prevent children’s teeth from rotting easily?

Citing 2014 research from the National Center for Biotechnology and Information, preventing tooth decay should be done early. Because in addition to making a toothache, this problem can also interfere with children’s activities at school.

Here are ways that parents can do to prevent tooth decay:

Limit sweet foods and drinks

If your child likes to eat sweet, you can start limiting portions little by little to prevent your child’s teeth from rotting. Also, teach your child to rinse his mouth with water and brush his teeth every time after eating or drinking sweet to rinse the remaining sugar stuck to the teeth.

Familiarize children brush their teeth every day

The principle of preventing tooth decay is primarily to get children to brush their teeth every day. Teach children to brush their teeth twice a day every day; the morning after breakfast and the night before going to sleep. Any child, including a baby who is just teething, can develop caries if the teeth are not cleaned properly.

Use fluoride toothpaste

The above research states, familiarize children brushing with fluoride toothpaste can help prevent tooth decay early on. Fluoride is a mineral that helps strengthen teeth and reverse the early signs of tooth decay from the inside so that the child’s teeth are not easily hollowed. Research results from the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry in 2016 also reported that fluoride can prevent the appearance of caries that triggers tooth loss.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children brush with fluoridated toothpaste to prevent tooth decay starting at around 1 year of age when their teeth have grown. Also, make sure the child brushes with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

You just give the child first fluoridated toothpaste as much as one grain of rice. When the child is a little older, multiply the size of a pea.

You Can Do These 4 Steps To Choose The Right Toothbrush For A Toddler

If you plan to teach your child to brush their teeth, start by choosing the right child’s toothbrush. The wrong choice of toothbrushes can cause problems, whether uncomfortable to use or injuring the mouth and gums. When it happens, you need to bring your child to the best dentist.

In order to prevent this from happening, you can follow these 4 steps to select it:

1. Make sure it is appropriate for the age of the child

Not all toothbrushes sold in the store are the same. Especially for children, the toothbrush has a smaller size. However, there are also toothbrushes for adults that are also small in size.

So as not to be mistaken, you can pay attention to the toothbrush packaging. Some product brands usually include an age range or a “kids” label on the packaging. If you don’t find the children’s label, don’t worry, ask the shopkeeper to make sure.

2. Choose the type of toothbrush

In the market, you will find two types of toothbrushes, namely manual and electric. Generally, people will use manual toothbrushes.

Meanwhile, the electric toothbrush is designed more sophisticated because the brush can rotate and the child only needs to stick it to the teeth.

It’s better if you choose a manual toothbrush for children. This helps him understand how to brush his teeth properly.

After that, depending on your preference, whether you want to replace it or keep allowing the manual.

3. Choose a comfortable and good quality

Choosing a toothbrush for a child doesn’t just consider its type. You need to make sure he is comfortable using the toothbrush you bought for him. Choose the size of the toothbrush handle that fits the little hands. If it’s too big, chances are the toothbrush will fall off easily when used.

Also, observe the toothbrush bristles. Choose soft and thin toothbrush bristles because it is safer for the teeth and gums of your baby.

4. Models and colors should be taken into account

The last step, let the child choose their own toothbrush he wants to use. Giving the child freedom to choose can attract children to learn to brush their teeth. Your child may be attracted by the shape that resembles the characters he likes or the attractive color.

Treatment on the Dentist

Toothache commonly occurs because of very simple causes. Most people as in the services of dentists also state a similar condition. Sometimes, their toothache is coming when they are only drinking cold water or even eating some nuts.

This is too bad to feel so painful on our teeth because it will make everything worse. You will feel bad mood enough and no impressed to eat or do anything. When a painful toothache is coming, you may need to do several things that will help you reduce or control your feeling and anxiety.

Commonly, the mediation or treatment that is done in the dentist or dental care will be as follows.

Topical Anesthetics
This is applied with the swab used to routinely numb any areas that are around the gums and tooth. It occurs where a dentist will work to treat it/ actually, topical anesthetics are done as the prior treatment for injection using the local anesthetic.

Laser Drill Treatment
What is about the next treatment that is commonly done for a painful toothache? A laser drill is used in removing the decay in the tooth. Additionally, they use it also for preparing the enamel surrounding for the filling placement. Dentists commonly use lasers to reduce the feeling of pain when on the treatment process. It also results in reduced anesthesia need or treatment.

Nitrous Oxide medication is inhaled through the rubber face-mask. Nitrous oxide can help the patient feel more relaxed. It is also very common and popular to be done in the sedation form that is used in certain dental care.

Well, actually, there are still several medications that may be applied when having treatment or medications in the dental care or office. You will get it depending on how the dentist concerns or supposes you to be.

If you need a certain medication you can visit a dentist as soon as possible. No worry, you will find so many offices of dentists. One of the most recommended dentists is ours.

Smile Perfectly with White Teeth

Having teeth that are white and clean certainly makes you feel more confident to open your mouth, talk, or smile. You may find so many services of dentists that can help you to brighten your teeth. However, do you really need them to make your teeth white?

Actually, you can make your teeth white enough with some homemade treatment. However, of course, it needs certain efforts and treatment that must be conducted continuously and significantly.

Brighten Your Teeth
Here are some tips that will help you to brighten the teeth easily at home. You may practice it at home with easy ways and ideas. They are the natural home remedies and treatments that you can try now.

1. Dietary Changes
This is done by eliminating the drinks that can mark your teeth and make them stained. They are such as lots of tea, wine, dark soda, coffee, and other drinks or foods that can make stained teeth.

2. Oil Pulling
Oil pulling is a treatment where you should wash your mouth using the oil. This is done to remove the bacteria, dirt, and also debris. The suitable oils are sunflower oil, coconut oil, and also sesame oil.

3. Brush Your Teeth Using Baking Soda
Baking soda benefits not only for making food or beverage but also to help to brighten your teeth. It can polish the stained teeth, especially on the teeth surface. Moreover, baking soda can also help you remove the stains and bacteria on your mouth, especially your teeth.

4. Using Fruits For Whitening
Some fruits are good to help to whiten your teeth because they contain good enzymes and vitamins. They are likely pineapple and papaya that have effective enzymes for whitening the teeth.

They are very easy, aren’t they? However, if you really want to whiten your teeth quickly, you can see the dentist and make an appointment. If you really need a dentist, our dentist is the best choice. Learn about our dentist on our website to get the best professional appointment and services.

Reasons Why Some People Have Gum Disease

Do you have any problems with gum disease? You should immediately come to our dentist, one of the Dentists that will provide the best solution for gum disease that you suffer. Everyone has special treatment for the disease. Maybe you are allergic to certain drugs so it should require a doctor’s consultation. Feel free to tell any medical history you have. Our team is professional. If they know that you have a certain medical history, they can handle it appropriately.

Periodontitis is a severe gum infection that can cause damage to soft tissue and tooth-supporting bones. This condition should not be taken lightly and should be treated immediately. In addition to causing tooth loss, bacteria in the gum tissue can also enter the bloodstream and invade other organs, such as the lungs and heart. In addition, when periodontitis is suffered by pregnant women, the infants present in the womb are at risk of premature birth or have a lower body weight than the average. If periodontitis is suffered by a person with diabetes, then the condition is at risk to deteriorate.

Periodontitis is caused by gingivitis that is initially left untreated. This inflammation is triggered by the accumulation of plaque that we rarely clean it so gradually forming tartar as a medium for breeding bacteria. Bacteria that initially only irritate the gum area around the tooth (gingiva), gradually lead to the formation of gum pockets and infects deeper until it reaches the base of the gum tissue. This severe infection then damages the tissues and bones in the gums.

Periodontitis can be prevented by keeping the teeth clean to be free from the bacteria that cause it. Brush your teeth after each meal or at least twice a day, ie in the morning and evening before bed. Do not forget to clean the sidelines of teeth using dental floss. In addition to diligent brushing teeth, routine to see the dentist every six months to find out the development of your dental health.

Some Kinds of Dental X-Rays That Used in Dental Clinic

Dental Radiography is a very important and valuable tool for dental diagnosis and treatment, such as caries, periodontal disease, and oral pathology. Dental x-rays provide valuable information that helps dentists evaluate oral hygiene. With the help of radiography (the term for images taken with X-rays), your dentist can see what’s going on beneath the surfaces of teeth and gums. Dental x-rays can be found at our Dentist.

Dental x-rays not only use one kind of tool, but there are several types of function dependent. Here are some kinds of dental x-rays tools that are often used in dental clinics:

– Bitewing X-ray
It shows the upper and lowers back teeth and how the teeth contact each other in one view. This type of X-ray is used to look for carries/holes in the tooth, dental caries (proximal caries), and to show how well the teeth are in contact with the top and bottom. This type of X-ray can also show bone damage when there is severe gum disease or serious dental infection.

– Periapical X-ray
This shows a complete tooth image (including a few teeth from the crown to root tip) to the surrounding jawbone, the X-ray is used to find dental problems under the gum line or inside the jaw, such as impact teeth, abscesses, cysts, tumors, and changes bone associated with several diseases.

– Occlusal X-ray
This shows the roof or the floor of the mouth and is used to discover the presence of excess teeth, unerupted teeth or not yet grown to the surface of the gums, fractures/jaw fractures, cleft palate, cysts, abscesses, or growth abnormalities. This type of X-ray can also be used to find foreign objects in the mouth.

– Panoramic X-ray
It shows a view of the entire tooth and upper and lower jaws up to the sinuses, nasal areas, and joints of the jaw (temporomandibular). This X-ray is less accurate in finding cavities. This X-ray can help find impacted teeth, bone abnormalities, cysts, tumors, infections, and fractures/fractures.

Sweet Foods And Drinks Could Cause Yellow Teeth

Almost everyone likes candy, especially chewing gum. However, the high sugar content on the gum candy can quickly damage the teeth. Too much consumption of chewing gum will cause teeth to yellow. Your teeth might be in perfect health condition, but yellow teeth could decrease your confidence greatly. When you want to get a perfect and healthy smile, you could get teeth whitening by a dentist. However, not only candy that could be the cause of yellow teeth, and here are other reasons:

– Genetic. When there is a brother or even your parents have yellow teeth then you have a huge risk to have yellow teeth.

– Soda. Who does not like soda? The taste is sour, sweet, and fresh make almost everyone like to drink soda. But who would have thought if reversed soda freshness there are many dangers that could threaten the drinker? Soda can cause blood sugar to rising, causing heartburn becomes a relapse and could also cause teeth to yellow. Soda can cause teeth to yellow because soda has high sugar content. High levels of sugar in soda can cause teeth to turn yellow. It is because the dentin layers of the teeth are being eroded when consuming soda each day with the sheer number excessively.

– Sweet food and drink. Another cause of yellow teeth to watch is food and sweet drinks. Food and drinks are sweet indeed delicious to eat but who would have thought if the sweet food and drinks can cause a variety of serious health problems. All this time sweet food and drinks only known to cause diabetes and obesity but who would have thought if the food and sweet drinks can cause teeth to yellow. That’s because the dentin layer can be erased by that of the sugar glucose. Therefore, after consuming food and sweet drinks we recommended rinsing the mouth using clean and fresh water.

Get Fresh Breath by Visiting Our Clinic!

You are a busy person and you always meet a lot of people in your daily life. You meet people in your meeting, in your neighborhood, or in other places that you visit. When you speak to them, sometimes you can feel that those people have bad breath. It seems like they don’t brush their teeth for their whole life. But did you know that actually, bad breathing is not because people didn’t brush their teeth? There are many other reasons that can cause bad breathing, and one of them is because of their unhealthy mouth condition. Because of this, you may be wondering about your mouth condition. You must be wondering if your mouth is healthy enough or not. If you think that you want to find out about your mouth condition, then you can visit the dentist. This place will help you to find out the condition of your mouth and teeth.

There are many people in this world that have bad breathing problem. Some of them don’t even realize that they have a bad breathing problem. Some people decide to consume some candy that can help them to give some fresh breath, but it will not last long. When the effect of the candy is over, they will get their bad breathing bad. The right thing to do to remove bad breathing is by checking the condition of your mouth. You need to find out why you can have such bad breathing and how you can remove it and get fresh breathing. The dentist can help you to solve your bad breathing problem. You just need to tell him about your problem and he will give you the solution. By using his experience, he will be able to solve your problem and give back your fresh breathing.


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